Common Skin Conditions For Which You Need A Dermatologist

Whether you are a working professional, housewife, student or travel blogger, your skin is the first thing that people notice about you. This is what gives you confidence in the modern world. However, due to various reasons, busy schedules or bad eating habits, our skin can easily get various kinds of skin conditions. While some of them can be easily handled with topical creams or DIY methods, not all of them are easy enough to be handled on our own. This is why we should consult the best dermatologist in Zirakpur to get shining and healthy skin. But when you should visit a dermatologist is a matter of concern to many. We bring to you some common skin conditions for which it becomes very important to visit a dermatologist.

What is a dermatologist?

Before anything else, it is very important to understand ‘what a dermatologist is?’ According to specialists in the field, your skin is the largest and heaviest organ. It also plays a vital role in overall well-being. For example, it protects you from heat, cold, germs and dangerous substances. At the same time, your skin is also a great indicator of your overall health. So, when you notice any kind of issue, like a change of colour or texture, then it can also be a sign of a medical problem. So, it becomes important that you visit the best dermatologist in Zirakpur, as soon as you notice a problem in your skin condition. Talking about dermatologists, they’re professional doctors, having specialisation in the care of:

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Nails

Just like any other doctor, like an orthopaedician, gynaecologist or the best diabetologist near me, a dermatologist is a specialist in diagnosing and treating conditions related to your skin, hair and nail.

Skin conditions that need treatment from a dermatologist

There are various skin conditions that can be treated at home, as mentioned above, but not all of them can be taken lightly. So when you are dealing with the following issues related to your skin, it becomes important to consult a specialist in the field i.e. dermatologist:

  • Varicose Veins – This is not a common problem, hence shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to statistics, over 20 to 25 million people are already dealing with this issue, but not all of them take the required treatment to deal with it. A common thing about this problem is that it can happen with people of all age groups, regardless of their lifestyle and eating habits. It is not just that happening in the elderly as many young people are also dealing with this issue these days. In simple terms, varicose veins are a skin condition that happens when your unsightly veins start to collapse and fall into themselves because of weak vein walls. A common treatment available for this issue is removal, which can help remove these veins with the help of minor surgery with zero downtime and in a matter of hours. When you have varicose veins, you will have your veins popping up and visible in various areas like your feet, hands, etc. It is also a condition that can be painful, when not handled on time, making them extremely irritating. Although it is possible to hide them with the help of compression stockings, it’s not a long-term solution. To get the desired treatment, it becomes important to visit a specialist in the field who can help you get rid of them.
  • Acne – When you hit your teenage, it is very common to have acne appearing over your facial areas. While this condition can be handled with the help of medications or topical creams, when acne keeps appearing even after teenage and hampering your facial appearance, it becomes very important to consult a specialist in the field. According to specialists, having severe acne can result in nasty scars later in life so why take the chance and let this acne take control over your confidence? The best dermatologist in Zirakpur can be your ideal choice to come up with a cleansing routine that helps clear up acne breakouts. The professional, based on your condition, can also suggest several medicines and other treatment options to get the desired results on time.
  • Hair Loss – Not many people know, but hair loss is not natural, especially when it happens at a younger age. Humans typically lose some hair every day and new hair also grows in replacement. When you are shedding more hair than the new ones, then it can be called “hair Loss.” It can happen due to various reasons such as illness, hormonal imbalance, stress, aging, etc. This is another condition that needs the support of the best dermatologist in Zirakpur who will diagnose your condition and then suggest a suitable treatment.


So, when you are experiencing any of the above conditions, it makes sense to visit a Dr Chawla’s, skin & medicine clinic where our experts will help you get rid of the problem and enjoy a confident lifestyle.  Call us on +91 90411 15350


Yes, it is common to have acne during a younger age, but if you keep experiencing acne on your skin for a long time and you don’t want your skin to have nasty scars on it, then it is important to consult a dermatologist for timely treatment for your problem.
While it becomes very important to visit a dermatologist when you experience any of the skin conditions, it is also suggested to visit once a year. This ensures early detection of skin conditions and timely treatment.