Things you need to know about the best hair treatment!!!

Hair loss is often traumatic and embarrassing. There are a lot of hair loss treatments available that vary from laser treatments to hair transplants to medications and much more. However, nothing can be said about which treatment is the best hair treatment. Some people see significant results with a proven treatment while some do not see any result from the same proven treatment. Therefore getting a professional’s help is important to cater the best hair loss treatment for you. Here we have made a list consisting of all the possible treatments for the best hair loss.

First, let’s discuss how you can preserve your remaining hair.

Before you proceed further on how to re-grow your hair, let’s have a look at how to preserve the already present hair. Here, at DC Skin and Medicine Clinic, get medical hair treatment like a low-level laser to retain the remaining hair on the scalp. Our team of doctors will provide you with some measures such as improvement in diet, and exercise and cater a treatment according to your lifestyle. With some necessary lifestyle changes along with the right treatment, you can preserve your remaining hair. Note that hair loss does not happen overnight so the treatment will also take time. So, don’t go with some quick fixes or shortcuts because these can cause further problems. 

Hair transplants

Hair transplant surgery is the most commonly used treatment for bald spots and thinning scalp areas. The treatment comes with a high success rate making it an ideal option for many clients. If a patient wishes to regrow small patches of hair, hair transplant surgery completes their wish. It is a non-invasive surgery that comes with permanent growth of hair. 

Laser treatment

Laser treatment is also a preferred option for many people for their hair loss. Low-level laser therapy can be performed after hair transplantation to recover at a faster rate. It helps in creating an environment that is conducive to hair growth resulting in regrowth of hair. The treatment comes with several advantages: it is painless, safe, and non-invasive making it an ideal option. 

Lifestyle changes

Make sure lifestyle changes to get the confidence back with your hair. Get rid of some bad habits and adapt some good ones like:

Quit smoking: You might have heard before that smoking has negative effects on your lungs but do you know it is also associated with your hair loss? If you are struggling with hair loss issues then quit smoking to decrease hair loss.

Scalp massage: Scalp massage won’t only help you to feel relaxed but also it will help you to reduce hair loss. It not only stimulates hair follicles resulting in high hair density while giving you peace and relaxation.

Eat a balanced diet: Include a wide range of whole grains, fruits, and green vegetables in your diet to have healthy hair growth. Iron-rich foods, and high protein food items help gain good hair density. Make sure you take enough nutrients in your diet. You may know that hair is made up with protein so for good hair growth, make some necessary changes in your diet. 

Apart from these tips, use additional tips like reducing stress, getting enough sleep, listening to music, doing regular physical activity, quitting alcohol consumption, staying active, yoga, and meditation that help you to retain good hair density and reduce hair loss. 

One can also take medications prescribed by doctors depending on the diagnosis and causes of hair loss.

Know the hair growth cycle:

Anagen phase: The phase is called the growing phase. This phase starts from 2 to 7 years. During this growth phase, hair grows at an average rate of half an inch every month.

Catagen phase: The phase is also called the transition phase. The transition phase remains for about ten days. During this period, hair stops the blood-flow, resulting in detach from the hair follicle. 

Telogen phase: The phase is also called the resting phase. In this phase, the hair strands remain in follicles at their position. Also in this phase, new hair is formed at the position of released hair in the above phase. It lasts from 90 to 100 days. 

Exogen phase: It is also called the shedding phase. In this hair strands get freed from their follicles resulting in hair loss.

Discover youthful hair with our best hair loss treatment in Zirakpur!!!

In the modern generation, everyone wants to have healthy hair that gives them a youthful look hiding their age count. Hair is not just all about the looks, it also . So, if you are grappling with hair loss and searching for the best hair loss treatment in Zirakpur then look no further. We at Dr. Chawla’s Skin and Medicine Clinic provide customized hair loss treatment solutions to fix a wide array of hair loss problems. We listen to your hair loss history and then design the right hair regrow treatment for you so you can get your confidence back. 


Stress, genetics, aging, certain medical conditions, malnutrition, smoking, certain medications, scalp infection, lack of hair hygiene, excessive use of hair products, stress, depression, consumption of supplements, and hormonal changes are the main causes of hair loss.
Luckily in most cases, hair loss is temporary. However, the right care and treatment are required. Consult with our hair specialist for diagnosis and treatment options.
When it comes to hair falls or disorders, a dermatologist will provide you with the right solution.